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DHC Caribou A4-228

AAHC Qld restores Caribou A4-228 for Static Display

Westland Wessex Mk31B N7-214

AAHC Qld Acquires a Vietnam Veteran


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The Australian Aviation Heritage Centre located at Caboolture, Qld is dedicated to preserving the history of both military and commercial aircraft for this and future generations and to create a flying memorial to those who served as aircrew and ground crew in the RAAF during World War II. AAHC Qld is currently restoring DAP Beaufort A9-141 to airworthy condition and have it fly for the first time since World War II. Through the acquisition of historically important aircraft it is expanding its Warbird collection to preserve for future generations, significant examples of Australian achievement in aircraft manufacturing and engineering.

Each Donation of $100 is equal to 5 hrs of Quality Restoration Work!